• Welcome to Umhlanga
    Welcome to Umhlanga
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    Family fun in the sun
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    Enjoy the surf

How it works.


Simple as 1, 2, 3!



STEP 1 - How to register and login


Register and login to search available dates.


Click here to register

(you only need to register once)


How do I fill in the registration form?


Name * < Simply enter your first name here

Username * < Simply create a username (like a nickname)

Password * < Simply create a password that your will remember

Confirm Password * < Re-type that password here

Email Address * < Enter your valid email address

Confirm email Address * < Re-type your email address here

Captcha * < Simply click in the box


Now click the register button to complete registration!


Now it is time to log in


You are now ready to click here to login using the email address and password that you created during registration.


STEP 2 - Get a quotation or make a booking



Once logged in you may search for availability, rates or make a booking!


In the search boxes simply enter your preferred arrival date, your preferred departure date, the total number of adults as well as the total number of children and babies together with the age of each child / baby.

You will be presented with a list of available apartments over your preferred dates.

Click on 'View Apartment Details' to view full detailed descriptions as well as pictures of the property.

Click on 'return to search results' to view other apartments.


Selecting an apartment


Once you have decided on your preferred apartment, click on 'Make a Reservation' to receive an official quotation via email with bank details and full instructions on how to proceed with quotation confirmation. This will be emailed to your email inbox. This quotation is valid until the expiry date and time listed in the quotation so carefully note the expiry date and time.

If you wish to decline the quotation then simply ignore all instructions included in the quotation. The quotation will then automatically expire at the time and date listed in the quotation email. By doing so you are alerting the system that you no longer require the quotation. However once you accept and act on the quotation you will then incur cancellation fees in the event of cancellation.



STEP 3 - How to accept and confirm a quotation



At this point you have received a quotation with a quotation number and expiry date via email. Full terms and conditions are included.

Remember if you have not uploaded both required documents before the expiry date then the system will automatically expire the quotation and it will be made available to other customers.

In order to confirm your quotation before it expires, you will need to upload both your proof of payment and your signed booking form before the listed expiry date and time.

As this is an automated system, only uploads via the Guest Dashboard can be accepted in order to stop the quotation from expiring. Documents may not be sent via any other transmission method other than via the upload facility via the guest dashboard.

Visit your Guest Dashboard to upload your documents

Save your proof of payment and your hand-signed booking form to a folder on either your PC or your mobile device. Carefully note the folder name where you saved the two documents.

Then click here to open your Guest Dashboard. Locate the quotation number that you wish to confirm.

How to upload: Click on the text 'Upload your Booking form' 

A navigation box will open.

Simply navigate to the folder where you saved the two documents (proof of payment and your signed booking form)


Select the applicable document and it will be uploaded to your Guest Dashboard.

Then click on the text 'Upload your Proof of Payment' and repeat the same process to upload your proof of payment.

We have illustrated the process:

This is how it will appear in your Guest Dashboard prior to uploading both documents (click on the explanatory image below to view it full screen).



This is how it will appear in your Guest Dashboard after you have successfully uploaded both documents (Click on the explanatory example image below to view it full screen).


Wishing you a pleasant stay!

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